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North Carolina Considers Bill That Delays Divorces

For South Carolina citizens, this is a good time to be thankful that you do not犀利士5mg live in our neighboring state. At present, North Carolina state government is considering a bill which would but a two-year hold on all divorces in an attempt to discourage couples from getting a divorce. According to the bill, the two-year waiting period would apply to any divorces that are not at-fault, and during this time couples would be asked to take courses and classes as well as attend some couples counseling sessions. According to the Charlotte Observer, the new law would be named the Healthy Marriage Act and would mandate a two-year-wait before married couples can split.

All throughout those two years the couples must complete a list of counseling courses and workshops which are supposed to improve a couples communication skills and help them with conflict resolution. The state believes that this act has the power to keep some marriages from disintegrating. The lawmakers think that couples may consider the decision of divorce for a longer amount of time when the process is so tedious and requires so much time. For those who do choose to go through with divorce, the classes may help them to determine that they were overreacting and to reconcile with one another.

At present, divorcing North Carolinians are required to wait one year in order to get their divorce, but not all couples are required to take classes as a part of the marriage act. Also within the Healthy Marriage Act is a revision of law which currently maintains that if a husband and wife are intimate with one another during separation it does not count as terminating their separation. The Healthy Marriage Act would instead demand that when a husband and wife are intimate despite their apparent separation, it would restart the entire two-year waiting period. To learn more about divorce or how your case will be dealt with in South Carolina, hire a Lexington divorce lawyer today!