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Divorce in the greater Columbia area and Throughout the South Carolina Midlands

Are you dealing with an issue of divorce in Lexington or Columbia? Have you been served with pleadings in Lexington or Richland County? An experienced divorce attorney is available to help. As a Family Court Lawyer I understand how necessary it is for you to find guidance through the process and I will use my legal skill to assist you in getting there. Divorce or child custody battles are both legally complex actions that can be emotionally and financially draining and difficult to understand for those without legal knowledge. Family court actions can be a time consuming process that will cost you more and more money the longer they continue. You can greatly reduce the likelihood for a drawn out legal battle with a professional representing you. I have aided many clients in the past through divorce or child custody actions, providing them with the representation and legal advice they need.

Many individuals want more time with their children, or need to get away from an abusive spouse but are unsure of how to begin. Your first choice should be to speak to a professional. Often, people are served with pleadings that can be confusing and wearing. A Family Court lawyer can be your advocate, helping you understand the proceedings in court, and the legal paperwork involved. I represent clients in Lexington County, Aiken County, Newberry County, Richland County, the greater Columbia area, and throughout the Midlands in matters of child support, child custody, property division and all aspects of Family Court. When children are involved it increases the importance of having the legal guidance of an attorney.

Assistance in Child Support, Spousal Support

As a past President of the Lexington County Bar Association for 2012 I am always looking to further my legal comprehension and the representation I bring to the cases of my clients. Getting through the divorce process will leave many with questions that I can give the answers to. One of the ways I can help educate you on the aspects of your situation is through an initial meeting. You can also fill out a form online as thoroughly as possible so that I can come to better understand the unique aspects of your case. In addition, I look to keep my clients as informed and up to date as possible, understanding how heavily these issues can weigh on them. It is my goal to provide peace of mind by seeking a resolution. Someone at my office is always available when you need them most. Problems can arise at any time, and when they do, I will be there to guide you through them.

Divorce Attorney Serving Columbia and Richland County

Family law is extensive and if you are going to gain the results you want relating to visitation, spousal support, relocation or a modification to a court order, you will need the valuable guidance of an attorney with an in depth legal background. Under South Carolina law there are only five reasons for a divorce to occur. If you are petitioning for a no fault-divorce, allow me to offer you legal guidance that may help secure a successful outcome. These types of cases need compassionate attention and personal service of an experience professional. I am also able to provide capable criminal defense when you or a loved one have been accused of a crime.

Contact a divorce lawyer from the office if you are a resident of Columbia or Richland County with a family law issue that you need quality legal guidance in.