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Filing for Divorce in Richland County, South Carolina; THE CITY OF COLUMBIA

With almost 400,000 residents in the area, Richland County is the capital of South Carolina surrounding the city of Columbia. Unfortunately, for many people the current one they are in can be a difficult one that may require legal intervention to help resolve it. Divorce is rarely an easy situation, but for many it can be the option they need to move on with their life.

Family Law: Property Division, Spousal Support and Child Custody

When you are going through South Carolina Family Court, issues will come up such as relocation, Custody, visitation Divorce, real and personal property division that an attorney can help to resolve.

In the state of South Carolina, in order to obtain a divorce there are certain grounds that must be met and in certain instances a no-fault divorce can be sought. Call my office if you are in need l of representation in child support or child custody cases. I also strive to defend the best interests of my clients in matters of spousal support, when a dependent spouse is awarded financial assistance from the other. For some, you may have already obtained a divorce. The terms of it can carry on even years down the road and some people find that they eventually need a modification to be made to them. There are ways to do this and we can aid in petitioning the court for an alteration in the original terms. The divorce process is emotional and complicated. The outcome of it can have a monumental impact on many areas of your life and I will go above and beyond to help that impact be a positive one.

Richland County Divorce Lawyer

The Farley Law Firm, LLC a Richland County divorce lawyer is committed to helping you get through this stage and onto the next in the best way possible. It is not our goal to give you false expectation but rather we look to provide hope that is founded on the legal ability and experience we provide to our clients. I am dedicated to the practice of law and am always looking to gain the best outcome available for my clients, as well as sharpening my skills along the way. I am a member of the South Carolina Bar Association . Speak with a member from my firm today to learn more about how I can assist you in both the family law and criminal defense process. I have a thorough understanding of the law that has served to the benefit of many of my clients.

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