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Divorce Cases: Visitation Rights

Lexington, SC Visitation Attorney

The family law courts in our state recognize the role that both parents have to play in a child’s life, and during a divorce they will always rule in favor of a parenting plan which gives both parties the maximum amount of access which is reasonable under the circumstances. At The Farley Law Firm, LLC, you will receive dedicated legal counsel and representation to help you achieve a visitation agreement which works well for you and satisfies your expectations. I make myself available to my clients 24/7, and am ready to meet with you for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Our state prefers a plan of joint child custody wherever possible, but a large percentage of divorces end with one parent receiving sole custody. The non-custodial parent will normally be granted visitation rights. The judge will issue a ruling on the matter, including the visitation schedule, unless you and the other parent are able to settle the matter out of court. It is usually preferable to avoid the intervention of the court, to preserve your control over the divorce process. A Lexington divorce lawyer can represent you in negotiations or before the judge to argue in favor of your ideal visitation schedule. If you are receiving custody, you can seek to limit the other parent’s visitation rights on the basis of factors such as drug or alcohol abuse or domestic violence which place the children at risk.

Your Right to Child Visitation

You may have to defend against allegations of being an unfit parent in your request to receive visitation rights, and I will do everything possible to protect your rights. I can also represent you in a petition for a modification to court orders after the divorce, if circumstances have changed and you want to request visitation or custody. In all matters related to the children in a divorce, the judge will rule in favor of what is in their best interests, and having an attorney to advocate for you can make a significant difference in your chances of a favorable outcome.