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The divorce rate is high across the nation and Columbia is not excluded from this. Many people are finding themselves choosing to end their marriage for any number of reasons and the process can be a challenging one. The legal system is highly intricate and difficult for many to make sense of, on top of divorce already being an emotionally straining event. These factors only increase the stress of the situation and leave many individuals unsure of where to begin. The first place you should start is by speaking to a Columbia divorce attorney from my firm about the options that are available and how I can help. I have witnessed firsthand the weight that is carried by those going through a divorce and I look to alleviate the situation as much as possible.

Child Support, Spousal Support and Child Custody in Columbia

There are many things that will need to be decided upon and these choices can influence your life substantially. I help clients work through issues of child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. These are some of the most important items to discuss and I want to know what you hope to achieve in regards to them from the very beginning so that I can get started pursuing those goals. Divorce is one of the most demanding situations you may ever face and I will be there alongside you to help you through it as best as possible. When you are looking to gain visitation rights with your children, contact my firm. Issues regarding your children are extremely important I may be able to gain you these rights. You may be looking to change the original ruling in your divorce by seeking a modification. Life is always changing and often times the guidelines that were set originally, no longer fit the current situation. You may be a spouse that is receiving child support but the amount is no longer substantial enough to meet the needs of your child, or you could be paying your ex spousal support even though they now have a substantial income on their own.

How is Property Divided in a Divorce in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, the marital property in a divorce is not divided 50/50. Instead, it is distributed in a manner that is fair and equitable to both parties, which may not necessarily be an equal distribution. Property division can become quite complicated in divorce proceedings.

What Are the Types of Property Divided in a Divorce in South Carolina?

In an equitable distribution state such as South Carolina, only marital property is subject to division. Marital property includes any assets which the couple acquired together during the marriage. Typically, marital assets are those which the couple purchased using marital funds. The marital home, vehicles, bank accounts, stock options and even household items are just a few of the assets that may be divided.

Does it Matter Who Files for Divorce First in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, if you file for divorce first, the judge will more likely read your pleading first and your attorney will be the first one to make his presentation at most hearings. Getting your story on the record first and controlling how it is presented can potentially make a difference in how your case plays out.

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Turn to my firm in issues of no fault divorce, relocation and other family law matters when you need the representation of a qualified attorney. I have been recognized for the level of skill I offer to each client as well as my devotion to seeing each case through. The cases of my clients are important and I am always striving to secure the best results possible. Someone from my firm can be reached 24/7 so that you can always get the legal help you need when you need it most.

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