Lexington Divorce Lawyer


Suggestions to our clients about communicating with Our office

When communicating with our office here are some tips that will make our process more efficent and your expereince more rewarding.

Tell us all we need to know. We cannot help you without all the facts. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to telll us all the facts, we will not judge you but we will decide what is important for your case. Answer alll direct questions as accuratley as possible. If you have a question do not be afrid to ask. Some people know very little about mortgages, taxes, and Equity lines. Some people know very little regarding custody, visitation, alimony or how the Divorce process works.

As problems or questions arise you should call our office for an answer. Often we are unable to get back immediately. PLease leave a message with our staff so that the attorney can get back to you as soon as he is able. Also, be sure and let the staff know of any updates or new infomation regarding your case. You are the eyes and ears for information about your case. Please keep us informed so that we may help you.

Remember, you have retained us to worry for you. We will not contact you unless we need you help or assistance. As long as you do not hear from us your case is doing fine. keep us reasonably informed by writing and we wil犀利士 l do the rest. However, we want to be informed of any changes that you think are important such as matters involving finances, custody, visitation, or change in employment to name a few.

We are professionals in our field. So when other choose to give you adivce about how their case turned out or what they would do to handle your case, you must remember you have retained us for those decisions. Listening to others about what to do on your case defeats the purpose of our representation of you.

Please remember, children are never rewards, punishments, or objects to be used, abused, or shifted around. The best interests of your children is a paramount consideration for the court.

We will prvide you with copies of all of your pleadings and correspondence that are either prepared or recieved by our office in order to keep you informed of the progress of your case.

Hopefully, if you follow the suggestions outlined in this article your court experiece will be as efficent and easy as it possibly can be.